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Welcome to Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc.

Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc. began serving the Canadian Oilfield in 1979.
Over the years the company has served as a Manufacturers Representative or Master Distributor for a variety of different companies. The companies level of expertise and investment offered to the industry has grown to the point that the company is known for its knowledge and solid inventory levels.


Today’s market place brings a new set of demands on Supply Chain participants.

Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc. has adapted to the new demands through the use of leading edge operating systems to control and track inventory on a minute to minute basis. Consistent pricing programs coupled with a fast response time has been one of the keys to the companies long term success.

Expertise and understanding of the overseas market demands are part of our everyday business. If you need something found give us a try. If we cannot find it, it was never made.

Give us a try you will not be disappointed.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent inventories
  • Product knowledge
  • Out sourcing
  • Overseas shipping